The River Thames outside DLD College London

How do the A-level courses at DLD London differ from what other colleges are offering

What are the special features of DLD College at London? 

  • DLD College, one of the colleges in London offering A-Level Subjects is situated in the heart of London, on the banks of river Thames. Set in a sylvan surrounding this college provides a caring and supportive environment to learn A-Level Subjects which is studentcentred. 
  • DLD College is the only college which offers A-Level Subjects with safe boarding facilities of 5-star accommodation, on top of the college itself in central London. 
  • DLD College enriches a student with excellent learning opportunities and many students move onto prestigious universities after completing their A-Level Subjects with high grades.
  • DLD College provides a wide spectrum of more than 20 A-Level Subjects which gives the students a open choice to select any degree course of their choice. 
  • DLD College is a pioneer and leader in Digital, Creative and Finance A-Level Subjects which enables the students to enrol in world class universities. 
  • DLD College houses state of the art facilities like a spacious Library, Advanced and Modern Laboratories, Global Kitchen, Field and Courts for sports and games, Supermarket and Well Being Centre for students of A-Level Subjects. 
  • DLD College is known for its quality education of excellence offering not only A-Level Subjects but also GCSE, BTEC, Academic Preparation and International Foundation programmes for international students. 
  • DLD College offers good placement opportunities for students studying A-Level Subjects because the college has maintained a very good relationship with world class universities like London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Imperial College London, University College London, and the Cass Business School. Hence students learning A-Level Subjects in DLD college have an easy access to renowned institutions to join for higher studies. Apart from this DLD College arranges Lectures of University Professors to guide the students and enlighten them with the in-depth knowledge of the subjects. 

A-Level Subjects 

A-Level Subjects are the subjects which has to be studied to complete A-Level course , which is very much necessary to join a degree course in any university in UK. They are advanced level courses, which could be studied either for 2 years or 18 months with the entry level age of 16 to 19. Generally a student has to complete 3 A-Level Subjects with high grades to pursue higher studies. But most of the students learn 4 A-Level Subjects so that they would have a open choice and flexibility of selecting other courses also. At DLD college since there are more than 20 A-Level Subjects the students can have the right combination of subjects to cater to their interest and passion. For example they can choose one science subject with maths, one arts subject and a language in the A-Level Subjects, for those who are not sure of which degree to pursue in the university. 

Moreover A-Level Subjects and A-Level courses are widely recognized by the universities all over the world and it gives a great opportunity for the students to pursue their higher studies even outside UK. 

What are the grades in A-Level Subjects? 

A-Level Subjects scores are graded according to the performance of the students as A*, A, B and C which are the eligible grades to join a university. Other grades are evaluated to be below average and they do not qualify for a degree course. These grades are converted into UCAS points by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. Higher the grades in A-Level Subjects, greater will be the UCAS points. Depending on the criteria set by the university for a particular course the required grade will vary. 

Curriculum at DLD College for students of A-Level Subjects 

DLD College offers specially designed curriculum for the students learning    A-Level Subjects to enhance their quality and calibre in various fields. One such programme is the Academic Preparation Programme exclusively provided by DLD College for the learners of A-Level Subjects and the other one is the International Foundation Programme catering to the requirements of International Students. 

Academic Preparation Programme 

This programme is a one year module designed  for the students learning         A-Level Subjects, GCSE and IFP which they should undergo prior to the year of joining the main course. This module comprises mainly of English Language lessons with study preparation, taster classes and educational trips for students pursuing A-Level Subjects.  

Moreover this programme equips the students studying A-Level Subjects to cope with the problems and challenges of adapting to the typical classroom environment in UK. Hence students are provided with team work, group discussion, pair work and independent reading. This programme enriches the students of A-Level Subjects, by taking the students out for a trip or excursion which involves an interactive session. The main motive of this session is to make the students who learn A-Level Subjects to interact with British culture by allowing them to explore UK. The students enrolling in A-Level Subjects are taken around Art Galleries, Museums and Historic Monuments to enrich themselves with British History, Innovation and Creativity. Students who are studying A-Level Subjectsalso come across real life moments to practice their English skills and develop them to mingle easily with the British community and boost their confidence.   

Academic Preparation Course also teach MathematicsSocial SciencesArt or ScienceDrama, Elocution and English pronunciationStudy Skills Reading  and Project to the learners of A-Level Subjects. This curriculum also involves Sports, Personal Health and Social Education to shape the students who are learning A-Level Subjects to become responsible, matured, healthy and socially independent adults. The main motive of this course is to enable the students to have a strong foundation in A-Level Subjects.  

To enhance the reading skills of students getting ready to do their A-Level Subjects, weekly visit to the Library is arranged so that the students read a book and then review the book and also read one of the weekly magazine. These activities helps the students to fare well in the IELTS test. 

International Foundation Programme 

This programme prepares the International students for undergraduate study and this course is designed for one year.  

DLD College provides the best preparation for facing the challenges of the Universities to pursue their degree course. Moreover it equips the students with much needed academic skills and calibre for their higher studies. 

This programme imparts core skill modules like Essential Mathematics, Academic Skills, Personal Development and research. 

New Teaching Methods for A-Level Subjects 

Innovative teaching methods are followed at DLD College for the A-Level Subjects and the college is celebrated as the Top London School for TLC by the Good Schools Guide. The teachers who are expert in the A-Level Subjects, teach through thinking skills, acquisition of knowledge and examination techniques. New teaching techniques are followed to boost up the confidence of the students learning A-Level Subjects, by providing them with a friendly, healthy and supportive environment.  

Students learning A-Level Subjects are introduced with Self- Directed Study Method, where they choose a subject, read, complete the relative task set by the teachers, create ideas and explore the new academic concepts. If they come across any doubt or questions in the A-Level Subjects, then the teachers are ready to help them. 

Another new technique for learning A-Level Subjects is Activity oriented method. In this method the students are taken for a trip outside the college for learning according to their A-Level Subjects. For example students learning Art and Design in A-Level Subjects are taken to Art Gallery, Museum and London Fashion week to have a practical knowledge about the current trends in design. Students who have opted for Business in A-Level Subjects are taken to London Stock Exchange to personally gain knowledge about the international financial markets. Those who have chosen English Literature in the A-Level Subjects are taken to Shakespeare’s Globe and History students are made to visit Historical monuments. This innovative idea teaches the students, clearly beyond the reach of a text book. 

Apart from the regular class room teaching the students studying A-Level Subjects are provided with Extensive University Preparation at DLD College, which caters to the individual ambition and goal of the students. In this method the students learning A-Level Subjects are made to practice entrance tests and attend mock interviews to get them ready to face the exams. Also studentstudying A-Level Subjects are provided with work experience in the field they wish to master. 

Pastoral care is another method followed for the students studying A-Level Subjects at DLD College for which the college has been  judged ‘Excellent’ for personal development in the 2019 ISI inspection. In this special method, each student is taken care of by many number of mentors like Personal Tutor, the Director of Studies, and the Huddle House parents  for the boards. Apart from these mentors, each student is guided by the wellbeing team including the Head of Wellbeing, School Nurse, the Counsellor and the School Life Coach. These experts are trained in Mental Health, First Aid qualification  and Coaching Skills  and give consistent care, support and encouragement to empower them to become successful.