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Term Dates

DLD College London Term Dates

TERM DATES 2018 – 2019

Autumn Term 2018
Day Student Enrolment
(new day students year 10 to 14)
Monday 3rd September
Pre-sessional and GCSE BoardersTuesday 4th September
Sixth form & IFP BoardersWednesday 5th September

Orientation Day for all new students (Day & Boarders)
Enrolment for returners who are changing course

Thursday 6th September
Teaching 1st class /pastoral lecturesFriday 7th September
Teaching for all Returners Assembly & PT meetingsMonday 10th September
Term StartsMonday 3rd September 2018
Half TermMonday 22nd October to 26th October
Autumn Parents’ EveningTuesday 6th November
End of TermFriday 14th December 2018 at 1pm
Boarding House closesSaturday 15th December at 12pm


Spring Term 2019
Staff Inset3rd and 4th January
Boarding House opensSunday 6th January at 8am
Start DateMonday 7th January
Spring Parents’ EveningTuesday 12th February
Half TermMonday 18th February to 22nd February
End DateFriday 5th April at 5pm
Summer Term 2019
Start DateTuesday 23rd April
Half TermMonday 27th May to 31st May
End DateFriday 28th June at 1pm
Boarding House closesSaturday 29th June at 10am

TERM DATES 2019 – 2020

Autumn Term 2019
Start DateTuesday 3rd September
Boarding House OpenTuesday 3rd September, 7am
Enrolment for new students (Pre-sessional, GCSE & Pre A-Level)Tuesday 3rd September, 9am
Enrolment for new students (A-Level, IFP & BTEC)Wednesday 4th September, 9am
Induction for all new studentsThursday 5th & Friday 6th September, 9am
Returning BoardersSaturday 7th & Sunday 8th September
First day of term, AssemblyMonday 9th September, 9am
Half TermMonday 21st to Friday 25th October
End DateFriday 13th December at 1pm
Boarding House ClosedSaturday 14th December, 10am
Spring Term 2020
Boarding House OpenSunday 5th January, 8am
Start DateMonday 6th January
Half TermMonday 17th to Friday 21st February
End DateFriday 3rd April at 1pm
Summer Term 2020
Start DateMonday 20th April
Half TermMonday 25th to Friday 29th May
End DateFriday 26th June at 1pm
Boarding House ClosedSaturday 27th June, 10am
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