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For A Levels, BTEC and GCSE courses, and International Foundation Programmes, teaching focuses on examination success.

Teaching focuses on examination success. This is achieved through the acquisition of knowledge, examination technique and thinking skills. The teachers are experts in their respective fields; they teach their students the information they need in the form that they need it.   DLD students are attracted to the College by its unique mix of high quality teaching and its flexible approach.   Celebrated by the Good Schools Guide as being the top London school for TLC, the College helps each student to build his or her confidence within a happy, supportive and friendly environment. We expect high personal and academic standards from our students and many students surprise both themselves and their parents by their achievements.

A level courses at the best 6th form college in London


We offer a wide range of A-Level courses, helping our students achieve their potential and making certain that they achieve the best possible academic qualifications.

DLD College London A Level Retakes

A Level Retakes

If your A level results didn’t go the way you had hoped, don’t worry, you have a second chance. Whether it’s a single A level or a module within a subject, we are happy to discuss options on how we could help you.

GCSE courses at the best sixth form college in London


Our GCSE programme is a fast track one-year course taught in average group sizes of eight allowing tutors to give plenty of individual attention to students.

BTEC Courses at the best 6th form college in London


You may have heard a lot about BTEC qualifications but aren’t sure what they are. BTECs are work related qualifications that are an alternative to A-Levels.

IFP Courses at the best 6th form college in London

International Foundation Programmes

Foundation Programmes were created as an alternative to A Levels to meet the needs of those students who desire more specific pre-university experience.


DLD College London Pre-Sessional Programme

Pre-Sessional Programme

A pre-sessional course is a course that prepares a student for a main course of study in the UK. The pre-sessional programme is designed to prepare learners during the academic year prior to them joining GCSE, IFP and A-Level courses.

DLD College London Pre-A Level Courses

Pre-A Level Courses

High standards of teaching at DLD College London produce consistently excellent pre-A Level results.

DLD College London Alpha Scholars Programme

Alpha Scholar Programme

DLD College London will offer a unique programme of study that will develop the strengths of our most precocious students who are eager to become change-makers and leaders.

DLD College London UK Scholarship

UK Scholarship

DLD College London is offering a unique programme of study that will develop the strengths of our most capable students who are eager to become leaders in their chosen field.

Academic English Courses at the best 6th form college in the UK

Academic English

We offer a range of Academic English courses based on students’ individual needs and aspirations. Outlines of these courses are provided below.

A level and GCSE Summer School

Academic Summer

We are very excited to be working jointly with Academic Summer offering a unique academic experience in the summer.

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