We recognise the benefits of regular physical activity and encourage our students to lead an active lifestyle.


Taking place at London Southbank University once a week this session takes focus, concentration and patience all of which are transferable skills students can take with them outside of the lesson.


Offered once a week Badminton provides students the opportunity to both improve on their technical ability whilst improving cardiovascular fitness in a fun and friendly environment.


This popular activity takes place once a week at a local sports centre. The sessions aim to improve technical ability, fitness levels and overall understanding of the sport in a fun yet competitive environment.


Once a week this session promotes benefits such as stress relief, cardiovascular endurance and confidence as well as improving students’ knowledge of the technical aspects of the sport.

Boys’ football

This is a very popular activity here at DLD. We provide both fun and engaging sessions with the aim of improving ability and understanding of the sport. This year the Football team finished runners-up in the CIFE 7 a-side Tournament.

Circuit training

Taking place at London Southbank University’s FTZ (Functional training zone) once a week this form of body conditioning uses high-intensity aerobics and resistance training to improve students overall fitness and has proved to be very popular this year.

Mindfulness and wellbeing

Is a stress reduction technique to promote inner wellbeing. Come along and listen to calming music, bringing your focus to the present moment – a relaxing way to let go of stress and recharge in the middle of the day. This can be particularly useful during exam period!


This activity takes place once a week at West 1 Seymour Leisure Centre and allows students to combine creative thinking with physical outlet in a safe environment lead by expert instructors.

Yoga and meditation

Once a week, we offer classes in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It is a modern day yoga that is a vigorous yet empathic form of workout that increases flexibility, tones your muscles, promotes weight loss and helps you fight stress.