This enables students to extend their learning beyond the classroom and develop skills to further prepare for university.

The Diploma is open to year 12 students (A Level or BTEC) and year 13 students (IFP). In order to qualify for the DLD Diploma, students will need to complete compulsory component one, which is the written element and choose two options from component two.

An initial meeting will be arranged to set individual targets for each student which will include skills development and achievement. Attendance will also be part of the assessment and will be recorded weekly.

There is a large variety of activities on offer for Component 2 and students will have the opportunity to change their choices after a term, or, carry on with their existing ones.
The Diploma is accredited through the NCFE.

Compulsory Component 1 Component 2 choices
EPQ (Stretch & Challenge) Online certificate (Future Learn)
Research Project & Presentation Level 1 (secondary sources) Humanities Magazine (Humanities cross-curricular)
Science Olympiads
Level 2 (original primary sources) Public speaking/debating
Maths Challenge
ABRSM Practical exams in most common instruments (UCAS POINTS AWARDED Grade 6+)
ABRSM Theory exams Grades 1-8 (UCAS POINTS AWARDED Grade 6+)
Alexander Technique (External) – Certificate
Dance (classical)
Music Studio Recording Club
Ukulele Club
Vocal Group
Rock Band School
Model U.N.
Bank of England Challenge
Mandarin (Dragons in Europe)
Adobe Photoshop Course
Life Drawing
Work Experience
Sports ECA (football/basketball/badminton/table tennis/circuit training/boxing/yoga/archery/dance (modern)
College Council
LAMDA Drama Exams
Drama: Youth Theatre
Film Club
Coding Club