Results & Destinations

This summer, DLD College London received the best ever set of results in the school’s 90 year history.

At A Level, the students achieved a 100% pass rate with 82% of grades at A*-B representing a 6% increase on last year’s excellent results. Of those students that took three or more A Levels, over a third achieved straight A*-A grades and almost two thirds achieved all A*-B grades.

At BTEC, students once again achieved an outstanding pass rate of 100% with 50% of BTEC Extended Diploma achieving the equivalent of three A*-A grade A Levels,

For the International Foundation Programmes (IFP), students achieved an exemplary 100% pass rate.

At GCSE an outstanding 80% of results were graded 9 to 6 (A* to B) and 62% of results graded 9 to 7 (A* – A) with an impressive 92% of results were graded 9 to 5. Over a third of those taking 5 or more GCSEs attained all grades 9 to 7 and half of them attained all grades 9 to 6 with a 100% pass rate. All students completed their GCSEs on the school’s one year intensive course, making their achievements even more impressive.

These results are truly remarkable and testimony to the diligence, perseverance and resilience of our students and outstanding staff. We are very proud of our high performing and conscientious students for these excellent results. Their hard work, together with the vast range of experiences and opportunities offered to students here at DLD College London, has greatly helped to prepare them for the next stage in their journey of lifelong learning.

Principal Irfan Latif commented,

“These outstanding results, in addition to the numerous national awards we have won this year, are testimony to the selfless work of our outstanding staff who provide a world-class holistic education every single day at DLD. The results also reflect our students’ tenacity, adaptability and sheer determination to succeed, even in the midst of a global pandemic. We have all learnt so much during this unprecedented and challenging time of our history – lessons that we were not expecting but will stand us in good stead as we move forward. As our students take up coveted places in prestigious universities across the UK and around the world, we wish them the very best of luck and look forward to hearing about their continued achievements and exploits as DLD Alumni. And for those who continue to Sixth Form, we look forward to following their progress further.”

University Progression

DLD is proud to have an extremely high entry rate to universities each year, placing students at prestigious institutions in an incredibly wide range of disciplines. This year is no exception with places at universities including Oxford, Durham, LSE, King’s College London and Imperial, plus the University of Waterloo in Canada.

This is proof that students and academic endorsements from DLD are unanimously respected and are greeted with high expectations. Our Personal Tutor system ensures that applicants are known well by their referees, who are able to guide them in making appropriate choices of course and institution.

Personal Tutors and Subject Tutors offer advice on how students can enhance their academic and extra-curricular profiles; this is necessary in order to compose a unique and impressive Personal Statement.

Throughout the academic year we provide a series of presentations which guide students through the process of completing the online form, and prepare them for the possibility of academic interviews by admissions tutors.

In addition, presentations are provided on broader themes to introduce students to the wider cultural and historical knowledge that will be expected of them at university.

A large proportion of DLD students secure places in the Russell Group (including the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge) each academic year. The Russell Group Programme offers presentations providing university-level scholarship by current staff and visitors to high-achieving students with aspirations to study particular academic disciplines.