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Medical Programme

Supporting potential Medics, Dentists and Veterinary Scientists, DLD offers a specialised Medical Programme which will help students maximise their chances of success.
DLD College London Medical Programme
The DLD Medical Programme

Courses in Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science appeal to many students because they offer the prospect of a very fulfilling and well paid career.

However, competition for these courses is fierce. Applying to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science at university is a challenging process. Only the most able, the most determined and the most prepared students should try.

Whist subject tutors support the students in their academic studies, the DLD Medical Programme is designed to support all the other aspects of a student’s preparation and application.

The DLD Medical Programme has two parts

A half day conference in early September

Weekly ‘Medsoc’ (Medical Society) meetings

We believe that the on-going support we provide sets us apart and gives our students time to develop their skills; ensuring they are ready for all aspects of the application.

'Getting into Medicine' conference

In September each year, DLD hosts a half day conference, ‘Getting into Medicine’.

Visiting Admissions Tutors will inform about the application process
and what to expect at a medical-school interview.

Specialist UKCAT/BMAT tutors will give a presentation on how to succeed in the aptitude tests.

A doctor and a medical student will share stories about the challenges and the realities of studying medicine.

The conference is designed to both encourage and challenge the audience.


Week-by-week, the following important issues will be covered:

Work experience

University choices

Preparing for aptitude tests (UKCAT and BMAT)

Writing personal statements

Interview practice


The flexibility of this programme enables us to change and adapt the topics covered in order to suit the individual needs of those in the group.
Our aim is that each student develops a portfolio of skills and a greater understanding of their future profession.

Location of UK courses for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science

Getting A level Students into Medicine

“Medsoc gave me hope that I might really become a doctor one day!” Student, P

“Before this I was clueless! Medsoc has given me the confidence that my preparation is as good as it can be.” Student, A

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