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Accommodation at DLD College aims to provide students with a safe and secure environment in which to develop the skills and understanding required to live independently.

Our dedicated boarding team provide constant and consistent support for boarders whilst maintaining the highest standard of boarding provision.

DLD College London Accommodation

DLD College expects that all students will live in our Boarding House or with their parents; students wishing to live outside of the Boarding House will need to state this clearly on their College Application Form and provide evidence of their arrangements for approval by the College.

Please read our Statement of Boarding Principles and Practices for more information.

The Boarding House

A Level student accommodation

DLD College provides rooms for our students in our private boarding house located directly above our college premises. The boarding house contains 15 floors, divided by gender, with over 200 rooms. Each room provides the student with a bed, study space, storage, and a washroom. A small number of twin rooms allow two students to share a room and wash room whilst still providing each student with their own bed, study space, and storage.

Boarders take meals with staff in the college Refectory; breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared and served every day and students also have access to a Starbucks Café where they can buy hot drinks and snacks.

Common rooms are located on each floor of the boarding house for the use of boarders on that floor. Common rooms contain a kitchenette where boarders can store and prepare their own drinks and snacks, comfortable seating, and a large table and chairs for group studying.

Boarders are supervised by our team of live-in Houseparents, Houseparents provide support to boarders, oversee the running of the laundry and cleaning services, and liaise with college staff and the nurse to ensure the health and well being of the boarders.

Our college Nurse is available for boarding who are unwell. The Nurse carries out health checks, registers boarding with the local Health Centre, and administers medications to the baorders. Parents of boarders are asked to provide health and medical information as part of their child’s application to boarding. For more information about the college medical polices please click here.

DLD College Boarding House Fees

Accommodation Fees 2017/18

Room Type Price Description
Twin rooms £16,000 Twin boarding rooms with a moveable wall that divides bedrooms, room has access to an en suite washroom
Standard Ensuite £21,000 Single boarding room, en suite washroom
Bronze Ensuite £21,750 Single medium boarding room, ensuite washroom & shared common room with fitted kitchen
Silver Ensuite £22,000 Single large boarding room, with en suite washroom
Gold Ensuite £23,000 Single large boarding room, with large ensuite washroom
Laundry £800 Weekly laundry collection; laundry is washed, dried and returned the next day.
Boarder Induction

DLD boarders are offered a unique experience and, as such, DLD provides a special induction programme for boarders. Boarders are expected to attend the boarding induction from Monday 4th September 2017 where they will meet the boarding team, have tours of the building and the local area, be given help to register with the doctor, buy travel card, open bank accounts, etc. all before our day students arrive. Students and their parents will receive information and induction packs to help them prepare for their time at DLD.


DLD College recommends that all students living away from their parents appoint a guardian in the UK. All boarders must have a UK-based guardian for the entire duration of their stay with us in the Boarding House.;

Please read out Educational Guardians Policy for more information.


 Here are frequently asked questions about the Boarding House at DLD College, if you need more information please contact the Accommodation Officer.

Will I have to share a room?

DLD College offers single and twin rooms and students can give their room preference in the Accommodation Application Form. Students will be allocated rooms according to availability and preference on a first come first serve basis.

What is included with my room?

Every room has:

  • A bed with bedding and linen
  • A washroom with shower, basin, and toilet
  • A desk and chair
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Fresh linen and towels every week
  • Access to a common room with kitchenette

Are meals provided?

Yes, meals are taken in the college refectory where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served every day. Boarders can choose from a range of cooked meals and we will cater for special dietary requirements.   DLD College catering is provided by Brookwoods.

Where can I wash my clothes?

The laundry room is located in the basement of the boarding house, washing machines and dryers are coin operated and cost £3.50 per load to wash & dry.   Houseparents will show students how to use the machines and where to buy laundry detergent.   The laundry service is available for an additional fee, boarders using this service place their laundry in a labelled bag which is then collected, washed and dried, and returned the next day.   Bed linen and towels are provided when boarders arrive and replaced every week.

Who will take care of me when I am unwell?

DLD has a college Nurse who runs her office and the sick bays during the week. The Nurse will register boarders with the doctor and will look after any boarder who is unwell. The Nurse can give medications and flu vaccines and will carry out health checks for all boarders.

Can I have guests?

Guests are not allowed into the Boarding House, although boarders may ask permission from a Houseparent to bring a guest into the college in the evenings or at weekends. Once given permission guests may come to the Atrium or the Refectory once they have signed in with a Houseparent.

Can I stay for the holidays?

The boarding house remains open throughout the half term and Easter holidays and students are welcome to stay for these periods. The college and the Boarding House both close for the Christmas and Summer holidays.

Is there an alternative to the Boarding House?

Students aged 19 and over may choose to live outside of the college accommodation, any student wishing to live away from their parents or legal guardian and outside of the college should have written permission from their parents sent to the Principal. Please contact the Accommodation Officer for more information.

Reserve a place

To reserve a place in the boarding house students must complete the Accommodation Application Form and return this to the Accommodation and Compliance Officer .

If you would like to visit the boarding house for a tour or if you would like to speak to a member of our boarding team for more information about life at DLD College please contact us:

The International Admissions Centre:
+44 (0) 330 053 6082

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