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Emily Ferraro

Emily Ferraro



A Classical Civilisation
A Psychology
A Media Studies

University: University of Kent to study Classical Studies.

Emily was a highly accomplished student of the humanities with a deep passion for the study of antiquity. She commenced her A level studies fully committed to an ambition to research classics at university. Emily had already developed an accomplished and confident academic style and discipline, pursuing independent research with great care and creative thought. Emily was very intrigued by the psychological insights of classical drama, and the sociological analysis of antique culture; she was able to combine the preoccupations of academic subjects in order to draw striking parallels and contrasts between the ancient world and our contemporary media-saturated culture.

Emily was an extremely mature student both politically-engaged and socially conscious; she did not consider her academic studies to be detached from a present engagement with social responsibility, particularly the way in which perceptions and portrayals of gender continue to have a profound impact on social discourse. Emily is a young academic with a very promising future as she commences higher education this year.


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