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Carter Bouley

Carter Bouley

“The best thing about studying at DLD is the relaxed and inclusive atmosphere surrounding the college. This makes it very easy to build up friendships, and makes student – teacher communication easier than anywhere I have experienced before. Doing my A Level courses at DLD has prepared me very well for university. Its relaxed atmosphere inspires you to be independent in your work. At DLD both students and staff are much easier to talk to, and there seems to be a happy vibe. You can talk to staff about any issues without any worry, and older students were always happy to give advice where they could.”

“I would like to say thank you very much DLD, I’ve made some lifelong friends in the time I’ve been here, and I wouldn’t take back the time I’ve had at DLD for anything.”

A level courses:

Psychology A
Geography A*
Maths A
Economics B


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