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William Davidson

William Davidson

William has diverse interests in fine art, history and languages. Throughout his A level programme he has proven to be an extremely imaginative, creative and diligent young man who reads widely and with a genuine appetite for knowledge. He is extremely keen to contextualise his reading in relation to historical circumstance and the influential literary and artistic movements which inspire him. He has an obvious desire to deepen his understanding of cultural and literary history.

He reads literature with avid interest and enjoyment, responding with confident and original insight. He is responsive to new critical approaches, assimilates complex arguments and literary detail with assurance. He is generous and committed in class discussion. His written work is exemplary in its understanding, rigour and articulate expression. In addition to this, he is a talented visual artist. An exemplary student.

William has gone to the University of Bristol University to read English.

A Level courses:

English Literature A*
French A
History B

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