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Welfare and Support

DLD College London Welfare Support
A warm welcome

Our students attend an induction day to tour the college, meet key staff members, formally enrol and receive their timetables. You will also learn how to do practical things like register with the doctor, open a bank account and use public transport.

All-round care

Your happiness and safety are very important to us. We look after our students from before they leave home for the UK to the day they leave for university – and sometimes beyond.
After you have completed your enrolment with us, we provide you with everything you need to prepare for your new life in the UK.

  • We send you a pre-arrival information pack
  • We pick you up from the airport
  • We show you around your new college and city
  • We help you open a bank account, register with a doctor and work out your public transport choices
  • We offer guardianship
  • We provide house parents and live-in staff members within our accommodation
  • We arrange weekly meetings between you and your personal tutor

When parents make the often difficult decision to provide an overseas education for their child, they are offering them a unique and life changing opportunity. It is vital, therefore, that the whole experience is a positive one and runs as smoothly and effectively as possible. It is also important that the academic aims of the student are not impeded by day to day worries and problems. In tandem, it is of equal importance that the parents feel secure in the knowledge that their child’s physical, emotional and educational needs are being fulfilled.
DLD College London strongly recommend that overseas students have a UK resident guardian for the period they are registered at one of the colleges.

What is a guardian?

An educational Guardian is someone who has delegate parental responsibility and can be a family friend, a relative or a Guardianship Agency.
DLD College London work closely with guardianship agencies and are able to support students if they need any help with this.
A guardian…

  • Should be over the age of 25 and live in the UK
  • Provides support and guidance on welfare and educational matters in the student’s own language
  • Can be contacted at all times and be ready to deal with immediate problems or emergencies for illness and hospital admissions
  • Hosts the student in their home during holidays
  • Visits the student’s school and meet with teachers

Our philosophy is to ensure all our students are safe and well taken care of during their time with us, while being able to develop their independence and maturity.

Meet your personal tutor

You will meet your personal tutor weekly. He or she will monitor your academic progress and attendance, as well as deal with any welfare issues.

Small classes

We believe small class sizes and high-quality teaching are the keys to success. On average, our class sizes are between six and eight students, giving you more opportunity for one-to-one advice and personal attention from your teachers. The atmosphere is always friendly and we encourage good working relationships between teachers and students.

Learn from the best

Our teachers have an unrivalled knowledge of their subjects. Many are examiners for major examination boards, so they are uniquely placed to advise you on the best examination techniques. Our aim is to ensure you approach your exams thoroughly prepared and armed with vital revision skills.


We monitor attendance through registration at the start of every lesson. We are totally focused on ensuring you have a responsive, supportive environment in which to learn.

Keeping you informed

We supply parents with regular reports on areas such as general achievement, attitude and any concerns. We encourage parents to maintain close contact with personal tutors and to discuss any aspect of their child’s progress with us. We also communicate by email or text with parents regarding urgent matters, such as unexpected absence or illness.

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