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Mazhil Turarbek

Mazhil Turarbek

International Foundation Programme: Achieved a Distinction

University: Cass Business School City University London

Mazhil’s journey through DLD was truly one of self-discovery. In his first year he found himself unprepared for the academic demands of A-levels. However, having re-confirmed his determination to enter university, he approached the International Foundation Programme in his second year with maturity, focus, determination and enthusiasm. Mazhil delighted his teachers with his willingness to take responsibility for his own learning and using the extensive resources on our Moodle.

In addition, Mazhil developed his extra-curricular profile, participating in sports at the College and successfully completing commercial internships in Kazakhstan. The result of this self-motivated transformation was a distinction in the IFP Programme with an overall score of 80% and a place at the Cass Business School of City University. We are incredibly proud of Mazhil’s outstanding achievement.

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