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Xuanyi Liu

Xuanyi Liu

Ashley joined DLD in October 2013 from China to study A levels. She showed herself to be a very bright and highly motivated student with excellent work ethics. She was always confi dent yet never complacent. She loved learning and never put off by the diffi culties of her tasks.
Ashley studied Further Mathematics alongside her A2 Mathematics demonstrating not only her excellent abilities but also her sheer determination to achieve her academic goals. She easily met the challenges of an intense programme of study staying on top of a heavy workload.
Ashley received a silver award in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge showing her success to be consistent across all her subjects. She secured a place at University College London to study Computer Science and we have no doubt that she will be very successful.
Ashley has gone to University College London to study Computer Science.

A Levels

Mathematics A*
Further Mathematics A*
Chemistry A

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