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Gabriele Augaityte

Gabriele Augaityte

Gabriele came to DLD from Lithuania and will be leaving DLD a transformed person. Her confidence has grown during her A levels, as well as her ability to see the world in a more global context. When arriving to the music department she had not played the piano for many years and did not even know the English musical notation system. However, within two years she was able to turn that around to produce top grades in her recitals. Gabriele was very hard-working and tenacious, making up her own essay titles to get further practice. She wrote succinct accurate essays and has an amazing memory for detail. She has mastered three subjects and she will go from strength to strength at University where she is sure to excel.
Gabriele has gone to the University of Brighton to read Marketing.

A levels:

Business Studies A
Sociology B
Music C

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