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Dayan Abdaliyeva

Dayan Abdaliyeva

Dayan came to DLD in September 2012 from IMG in the United States to sit her A levels. Her intention was to continue her studies in a British educational environment which would prepare her for studying at a university in this country. Dayana is focussed and determined. She possesses an obvious love of literature in different languages and from different cultures. She is a keen creative writer, and produced an excellent portfolio that showed impressive maturity and subtlety.
In addition to Dayan’s academic study she has contributed the college community at DLD by joining the Mentor Scheme. This involved regularly meeting and working with a younger student to help them develop both academically and socially in weekly sessions, and attending feedback meetings to report on progress.
Dayan has gone to Kings College London.

A levels:

Russian A
Sociology A
Spanish A

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