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Tinashe Dingwiza

Tinashe Dingwiza

“Throughout my time at DLD studying for my A levels, I had the luxury of being taught by a Cambridge graduate whose passion and enthusiasm for mathematics gave me the motivation to succeed. The flexibility of our timetable and the impetus placed on independent learning at DLD made me feel like a university student. Classes feel like one to one conversations which allows for more student-teacher interaction which is beneficial to academic development.”
“Throughout my time at DLD, I played a lot of football: this enriched me as it improved my concentration and helped me improve my social and leadership skills. I took part in academic mentoring which was a great experience – I learnt how to communicate better, listen to people, socialise better and most importantly I learnt the significance of being of help to others.”

A levels:

Mathematics A*
Further Mathematics A*
Economics A
Physics B

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