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Thanh Huong Vu (Vivian)

Thanh Huong Vu (Vivian)

Vivian had only just turned sixteen when she joined DLD College London in 2011 to take her A levels, but from the outset it was clear that she was determined to excel in all she did and that she was a brilliant mathematician who thrived on mathematical challenges. Industrious and conscientious, Vivian made excellent use of her time here and took the initiative to seek out further reading material to support her studies.
Vivian confirms that her two-year experience at ACL ‘was amazing’ and she states that; ‘it played an important role in making me who I am today.’ Though naturally reserved, Vivian was always cheerful, patient and kind. It is almost no surprise, therefore, that she emerged, two years later, with a clean sweep of top grades. She is, without doubt, an outstanding academic and we wish her every success in the future.
Vivian is going to study Mathematics and Statistics at Imperial College, London.

A level courses:

Accounting A*
Mathematics A*
Further Mathematics A*
Economics A*


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