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Ivaylo Savov

Ivaylo Savov

“I loved DLD for the relaxed atmosphere. I loved the location and that you get to know pretty much everyone in college. It’s a very friendly environment and the fact that there are people with so many different cultural backgrounds makes it even easier. As well as receiving a lot of help from teachers with my A levels, we’ve always been encouraged to do independent work, and getting used to working on your own and doing your own research and reading is a vital experience to have when going to university. I would recommend DLD to anyone who is looking for a place with the highest of teaching standards and a modern 21st century approach to teaching. DLD is the place for anyone who is motivated to get the best of their education.”
Ivaylo is going to study Biomedical Science at King’s College London.

A level courses:

Chemistry A*
Biology A*
German B
Mathematics A

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