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Information For Parents


DLD College London Information For Parents

Contact Details

DLD College London
199 Westminster Bridge Road
020 7935 8411

Principal (Headteacher)

Irfan Latif


Contact during normal working hours at:
Alpha Plus Group Ltd
50 Queen Anne Street
020 7487 6000

Chair of Governing Body

Sir John Ritblat
Contact address during term time and holidays:
Alpha Plus Group Ltd
50 Queen Anne Street


To find out more please visit the Alpha Plus Group Ltd website.

Governor contact details

  • Mark Hanley-Browne (CEO) – 0207 487 6010
  • Tim Haynes (Director of Senior Schools) – 0207 487 6000
  • Liz Francis (Nominated safeguarding lead) – 0207 487 6000;
  • Sir John Ritblat (Group Chairman) – 0207 448 1960

Statement of DLD College’s Ethos

Development, Leadership & Diversity

“Developing the next generation of Leaders to take their place in a challenging & Diverse world.”

Studying at DLD

Students joining DLD become part of our College community; we aim to support students in achieving their full potential by enabling them to:

  • Take ownership of their learning and demonstrate responsibility and initiative
  • Obtain the best possible examination results based on consistent effort
  • Gain a place on their chosen university course
  • Achieve personal growth
  • Broaden their outlook and perspective
  • Work towards positive emotional and mental well-being

What does our Vision mean for Students?

1. Taking ownership of their learning and demonstrating responsibility and initiative
DLD students understand that they control their own success through their attitude, effort and choices. Successful students attend every lesson, participate fully in and work collaboratively with their fellow students and teachers. They enhance their organisational and planning skills so they can take responsibility for their learning and meeting deadlines.

2. Achieving the best possible examination results based on consistent effort
DLD students understand that sustained focus and hard work over the entire year is required to achieve the best examination grades. Teachers monitor progress and provide feedback to help students build on their strengths and address their weaknesses. Excellent students rise to the challenges they encounter in order to overcome them and grow in confidence.

3. Gaining a place on their chosen university course
DLD students want to study at the best universities on programmes that will stretch and challenge them. They embrace every opportunity to learn beyond the curriculum and take advantage of the opportunities provided by the college, such as UCAS seminars, individual tailored advice and guidance together with an exciting array of trips and visits alongside with a thriving enrichment programme of Co-curricular activities.

4. Achieving personal growth
DLD students have a healthy balance of study time and social activities. They make the most of what DLD has to offer including not only lessons but also clubs, sports and other activities. Brought together by the English language, students enjoy making friends from a wide range of different cultures and feel a strong sense of belonging to DLD. Students are expected to attend at least one Co-Curricular activity per term.

5. Broadening their outlook and perspective
DLD students explore the culture and diversity of life in London by exploring the range of cultural events, spaces, attending lectures, visiting museums, galleries and the theatre. Additionally, trips organised in the UK and abroad not only provide students with a sense of adventure but further broaden their overall experience beyond the classroom.

6. Working towards positive emotional and mental well-being
The College are committed to providing the necessary support structures to provide proactive and reactive measures for students who potentially may be suffering from emotional and mental wellbeing. The College recognise that the wellbeing continuum can change at short notice, improving or deteriorating and that the necessary communication and support should be available to help students in need and to improve their strategies to pre-empt crises.

The Alpha Plus Gold Standard

DLD College London is a member of the Alpha Plus group of schools and colleges. As such, we abide by the ethos and values of Alpha Plus, as described in the Gold Standard.

Alpha Plus Group, owned by Delancey’s DV4 fund, creates centres of educational excellence in our schools and colleges. They strive to establish a climate of high expectations and there is a genuine and visible commitment to setting challenging targets, exceeding expectations and maximising individual achievement. A key feature in our success is the appointment and retention of high quality school leaders, teachers and support staff. Our establishments benefit from cutting edge technology and modern learning environments. The school and college curricula are regularly reviewed to ensure their relevance and their potential to enable all our pupils to obtain first choice placements into destination schools and Higher Education institutions. We are committed to maintaining and improving this level of quality and whilst each school is encouraged to retain its own individual ethos and identity, all Alpha schools and colleges have a number of common characteristics that enable them to maintain and enhance the Gold Standard.

These include:

  • High aspirations and expectations for all pupils and staff.
  • Outstanding leadership at all levels and effective resource management.
  • Working in partnership with parents.
  • A focus upon and a passion for high quality teaching and learning.
  • A commitment to self-review and continuous improvement that is underpinned by the celebration of success.

Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice

DLD College aims to provide boarding students with facilities and care of the highest standard to enable them to thrive in their academic studies and in the wider life of the college.

Safeguarding our boarders is of paramount importance to us. Our boarders benefit from a safe and secure environment in which they can develop the skills required to live independently whilst being part of the boarding community. Each boarder benefits from the constant and consistent support given by our boarding team. The approach is individual-centred, supporting each student by addressing their individual needs.

Boarders are encouraged to develop responsibility for themselves and for others, gaining leadership qualities and contributing to an environment which promotes tolerance of others and other British values. There is equality of opportunity for all boarders, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability. All boarders are actively encouraged to join in with activities from our enrichment programme and the recreational and social calendar.

We operate boarding in compliance with the National Minimum Standards for boarding school and exceed those standards where possible.

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