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DLD Pre A Level Course

The purpose of this course is to equip students with the right skills and knowledge to be successful in their studies at DLD in the sixth form


DLD College London Pre A Level Course
DLD Pre A Level Course Options 2019-2020


Year 11 Programme options – minimum entry requirement of IELTS 5.0 equivalent

DLD Pre A Level Course: Maths GCSE and English (GCSE or IELTS) plus a wider curriculum leading to DLD sixth form programme only.

NCFE accreditation (tbc)

DLD Pre A Level Course

 Maths GCSEAcademic EnglishCritical Thinking

Extended project

Understanding the world around usEither Art
Or Music

Digital Literacy



International students may find it hard in a one-year fast track programme to get the results which really reflect their true potential.

The purpose of the DLD Pre A Level Course therefore is to equip students with the right skills and knowledge to be successful in their studies at DLD in the sixth form. Learning how to study, developing critical and analytical skills are more relevant in our changing world, especially for students who do not yet know what career they wish to pursue later on or where their strengths lie. Our priority is to ensure all students progress with the necessary skills to be successful.

The course comprises of the following categories:

Academic English
Or English Language GCSE
Critical thinking
Understanding the world around us
Extended project
ICT and basic coding

And one of the following options:

Modern Foreign Language


PSHE1 period
Tutor Period1 period
Sport3 periods



The DLD Pre A Level Course will focus on key skills and knowledge with 4 compulsory elements:

  1. Critical thinking
  2. ICT – how to use the technology to help learning and prepare for Level 2 Project Qualification – (an EPQ at Level 2)
  3. Understanding the world around us:
                   Historical context
                   Global citizenship
                   Cultural awareness
                   The Business world
  4. Self-Development and confidence building (Public speaking or Drama skills and developing writing skills)
  5. Mod language DELF – starting from scratch is possible
  6. Music appreciation or Art



Assessment will be based on producing a portfolio of assignments demonstrating knowledge, ICT skills, communication skills (oral and written) and analysis. On completion of the programme students will be awarded the DLD Bacc.

What should be in the portfolio?

Students need to submit a portfolio comprising of 4 components minimum out of the following:

Compulsory elements:

  1. Critical Thinking exam (essay based)
  2. Understanding the world around us (exam)
  3. Self-Development and confidence building: Public speaking presentation or LAMDA qualification


  1. Level 2 Higher Project (Edexcel qualification)
  2. Modern language qualification DELF/DELE …
  3. Music appreciation
  4. Art (sketchbook and exam piece)


Progression to either the A Level or the IFP programme (subject to age)

Students need to pass all 4 components of the DLD Pre A Level Course as well as obtaining at least IELTS equivalent to 5.5.


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