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International Foundation Programme in Business

International Foundation Programmes (IFP) were created as an alternative to A Levels to meet the needs of those students who desire more specific pre-university experience.
What is the International Foundation Programme?

International Foundation Programmes (IFP) are one-year courses, designed as an alternative to A-levels, which prepare students for undergraduate education in the UK. The IFP is also an opportunity for students to become familiar with the approach to education in the UK and improve their written and spoken English.

The International Foundation Programme at DLD?

At DLD, there are foundation programmes in Business, Art and Music. The IFP in Business covers Mathematics, ICT, Presentation Skills, Economics and Business. Economics and Business make up 75% of the course. Students are taught the principles of starting new businesses, business management and business law. The Economics modules cover micro, macro and international economics. The course gives students, the knowledge and research skills to succeed at university and the confidence to demonstrate their knowledge. The teaching is done in small classes where students are treated as individual learners and supported by experienced, caring members of staff.

How is it assessed?
The Programme is externally accredited and moderated by NCFE.



Element Weighting Format
Core Skills 25% Written exams: Maths 1, Maths 2, and ICT
Essay and oral presentation: Research and Presentation Skills
Business 37.5% Written exams: Business 1, 2 and 3
Economics 37.5% Written exams: Economics 1,2 and 3


Students without an Academic English score of 6.5 or higher are also required to attend Academic English classes as part of their programme.


Exam Board: NCFE

What do I need?
Students should have score in Academic English of 5.0 or the equivalent. They should also have completed compulsory education as well as one year of high school education in their home country.
After DLD

The International Foundation Programme is recognised and approved by over 50 institutions, including those in the Russell Group. Successful graduation from the IFP in business may lead to entry to undergraduate programmes in Economics, Business, Management, Marketing and Law.

Entry Requirements
To study the International Foundation Programme (IFP), your current or pending exam results should be equivalent to or higher than GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) in at least 5 subjects and a minimum level of English equivalent to IELTS 5.0.   IFP students without a pass at grade C in GCSE or IGCSE English Language or with an Academic English score below 6.5 overall must join an Academic English course for the duration of the academic year which will be timetabled alongside IFP lessons.   If your level of English is not sufficient to meet the entry criteria for the IFP you will normally be offered a place on the Abbey DLD Colleges One Year Pre-sessional (Pre-IFP) in order to bring your English skills up to the required level.
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“What I like about the IFP course is that it’s a fast track way to university as the course is just one year. The teachers are approachable and are always there if you have any problems.”

Jason Htet – DLD Graduate

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