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Easter Revision

Believing in young people

The Easter holiday is the key time to consolidate learning in readiness for the summer exams. DLD Extra is offering an intense week of revision to give students the boost and confidence that they need to go into those exams fully prepared with knowledge and technique. Our aim is to enable students to achieve academic success.

Key Details

Dates Tuesday 6 April to Saturday 10 April 2021
Number of Days 5 days
Hours Timetabled between 9am and 5pm
Courses GCSE & A Level
Year groups Years 11 & 13
Location DLD College London (10 min walk from Waterloo & Westminster tube stations)
Online learning Available on request


A Level Revision

A maximum of two A Level subjects can be requested for the revision week. Our Head of Programme will discuss your chosen subject(s), examination board and areas of concern/focus with you to ensure a programme is developed to achieve the best outcome for your needs.


GCSE Revision

Up to three GCSE subjects can be accommodated within the revision week. The timetable we compile is built according to the requests we receive and as it is dynamic, will be confirmed closer to the start date. The course is appropriate for all the main exam boards and for the sciences we can cover both Combined Science and Triple Science.



DLD Extra brings highly experienced teachers to you who have a huge depth of subject knowledge and who are also extremely skilled in adapting their teaching to different learning needs. Their focus will be to ensure a deep understanding of the full syllabus and also equipping students with study skills and exam technique.

In addition to being subject specialists with a track-record of facilitating success in examinations, DLD Extra teachers utilise success coaching to help young people overcome obstacles on their learning journey. Our team understands that deep learning happens through connections. At a neurological level, connections happen through the strengthening of synapses when new stimuli are introduced. On a mental level, connections form between concepts when ideas are associated with another through memorisation and interaction. At the social level, connections happen when we meet new people and engage in discussions and apply ideas.



The Easter revision course will take place in DLD College London, located on Westminster Bridge Road less than 10mins walk from Waterloo and Westminster stations. This iconic, purpose built building the very best facilities for our students.  In addition there is an onsite Dining Hall where lunch will be provided for those who join us on this course.


Make an Enquiry

To find out more about the Easter Revision programme, contact us today – Call 020 7935 8411, email DLDExtra@dld.org or request a call back by completing the form below.


DLD Extra Enquiry Form




  1. What are the tuition hours?

    a. Our Saturday hours in school are from 9am to 1.30pm. In addition, we provide online support in the evening during the week. Each term is for 10 weeks following an in-depth programme.

  2. How does my child get one to one support?

    a. We have small class sizes so that each student receives the undivided help and attention that they need. In addition, they receive individual support and contact time via the online support during the week

  3. What teaching materials do you provide?

    a. Each subject has a comprehensive range of teaching support material in addition to practice exercises and past papers.

  4. How are children assessed?

    a. We regularly set timed tests and provide reports to students and their families providing feedback and highlighting target areas to develop.

  5. Can I start during a course?

    a. It is beneficial to start the course at the beginning of a term but students are still able to join during the programme.

  6. How experienced are your tutors?

    a. All of our tutors are professional teachers equipped with a high standard of educational and teaching skills. They are all DBS checked for child safeguarding purposes.


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