DLD Extra unique tuition programme in London delivering exam success

About DLD Extra

DLD Extra is a new, unique way of providing GCSE and A Level tuition. Offering award-winning provision from expert teachers in top class facilities, students are taught in small class sizes on a Saturday morning within school and receive online support across several evenings of the week.

Tuition is provided in termly blocks of 10 weeks and is designed to give students an in-depth understanding of the core subjects, to boost their learning and to secure their optimum exam grades.

Our tuition aims to provide:

  • A deeper understanding and knowledge of the subjects
  • A range of techniques for learning
  • Increased confidence with the subjects
  • Exam question practice and tuition for approaching different styles of questions

GCSE Programme

The GCSE programme covers the core subjects of English Language & Literature, Maths and Science, with separate lessons for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students attend Saturday School at Portland Place School between 9am and 1.30pm, preferably in school for face-to-face teaching, and are supported with online subject clinics.

A Level Programme

The A Level programme offers tuition in the subjects English (Language & Literature), Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics (other subjects may be available on request). Students attend Saturday School at DLD College London for 1h20min subject lessons between 9am and 1.30pm, preferably in school for face-to-face teaching, and are supported with online subject clinics during the week.


  1. What are the tuition hours?

    a. Our Saturday hours in school are from 9am to 1.30pm. In addition, we provide online support in the evening during the week. Each term is for 10 weeks following an in-depth programme.

  2. How does my child get one to one support?

    a. We have small class sizes so that each student receives the undivided help and attention that they need. In addition, they receive individual support and contact time via the online support during the week

  3. What teaching materials do you provide?

    a. Each subject has a comprehensive range of teaching support material in addition to practice exercises and past papers.

  4. How are children assessed?

    a. We regularly set timed tests and provide reports to students and their families providing feedback and highlighting target areas to develop.

  5. Can I start during a course?

    a. It is beneficial to start the course at the beginning of a term but students are still able to join during the programme.

  6. How experienced are your tutors?

    a. All of our tutors are professional teachers equipped with a high standard of educational and teaching skills. They are all DBS checked for child safeguarding purposes.


Give your child the support of an independent education at a low cost.