DLD Extra unique A Level tuition programme based in London

DLD Extra A Level

The A Level tuition programme at DLD Extra covers English Language and English Literature, Maths and the sciences Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  High grades in these subjects are generally required to progress to top universities and demonstrate a sound understanding of the subject matter. As competition for university places become increasingly competitive it is essential that students achieve the best grades they can.

With the transition away from AS Level and all assessment being made at A2 Level, it is now more important than ever to ensure a solid understanding of the subject matter at A Level and extensive practice of question technique. This gives students confidence with the knowledge that they understand the concepts but can also apply them in various ways in response to examination questions.

Our tuition programme runs weekly over three terms of ten weeks each. Saturday morning classes take place at DLD College London by Waterloo from 9am to 1.30pm, preferably in school for face-to-face teaching, and these are supported with some online tuition support during the week after school.

All of our tutors are highly experienced independent school teachers and are equipped with a high standard of educational and teaching skills.  In addition, they are all DBS checked for safeguarding purposes.

If you are ready go further with your learning, contact us today – Call 020 7935 8411, email DLDExtra@dld.org or request a call back by completing the form below.