Covid 19 – FAQS for new students

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the world, we understand that this is a time of considerable worry and challenge for us all.

This page is designed to provide information for students looking to join our college.

At present, there have been no confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in any of our colleges.  The health and well-being of students and staff remains our number one priority.

Q. Are you still accepting applications for September 2020 enrolment?

A. Yes, all three of our colleges are still accepting applications for September 2020 start courses. You can apply here.

Q. Is the application process affected?

A. Our application process remains unaffected. You will be able to make applications directly to our colleges or through an agent or counsellor. We will ask you to submit relevant documents electronically, and our college teams will still conduct admissions interviews via Skype, WeChat or over the phone. Applicants needing to take our English Language test can do so online. We will issue offers of study to successful candidates.

Q. Can I visit the colleges?

A. Due to the coronavirus situation, the UK Government closed all UK schools and colleges from Friday 20th March. This means that all three of our colleges are currently closed to visitors, and that you will not be able to visit them in person until further notice. Each college website contains images and videos to enable you to experience the college environment and learn about student life. We are also happy to arrange online conversations with college staff on request.

As stated in the answer to the previous questions, all admissions interviews will take place online or via telephone until further notice.

Q. I have already accepted my place for September, is this still valid?

A. Yes, at the moment we plan for all colleges to be open as normal to accept both new and returning students for the start of the 2020/21 academic year.

Q. I have an offer to study in September, is this still valid?

A. Yes, for the same reasons as stated in the response to the previous question.

Q. What happens if I cannot start my course in September 2020?

A. You will be given the option to defer your studies to the next available start date.

Q. I have an offer, or have accepted a place to join a course starting in April, is this still valid?

A. Due to the UK Government decision to close all UK schools and colleges from Friday 20th March until further notice, we anticipate that students will now not be able to join us for their April start course. Where possible, the college will offer you the option of deferring your studies to the next enrolment point (September 2020).

Q. What happens to my deposit if I have to withdraw due to coronavirus?

A. Deposits paid for enrolment in September 2020 will be refunded in full in the event of coronavirus related travel restrictions being in place at the start of term, either in the UK or in the student’s home country. In the event of travel restrictions, our Colleges reserve the right to delay the start of term, or begin the term virtually, until travel restrictions are lifted. Students will therefore have the choice to enrol late, enrol virtually, or to withdraw the acceptance, with the deposit becoming fully refundable in this circumstance.

Q. What happens if the colleges are not able to re-open in September?

In the event of a closure/non-opening of the colleges in September, Abbey DLD will move to distance learning for the duration of the closure. A 20% tuition discount will be provided for the duration of the physical closure of the site. For example, if the colleges are closed for 10% of the academic year and the full year fee is £30,000, then the tuition fee refund will be £600 (£30,000 x 10% x 20%).

Boarding fees will also be discounted, pro-rata, if the college is closed for a period.

Please note that colleges may, at their discretion, make reasonable amendments to term dates to ensure students are taught on-site where possible.