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DLD College London BTEC Media Magazine Trip

Download your own copy of Trip now (14 MB)

This year’s BTEC Creative Media Production magazine, Trip, showcases the talents of the class. Last year DLD College London won an award for the magazine, Fiyar, and we are hoping to win again. The BTEC course emulates the industry so the students had to research thoroughly, write their own articles and design the whole magazine.

Trip is for millennials who live in an urban environment; it reflects today’s young people with articles about technology, travel, music and more. As well as writing the articles the students had to sources their own images and Sebastian Davies’ front cover image is an example of the excellent photography skills seen at DLD College London. We are all very proud of how the students worked as a team, organising production meetings and creating the brand image. Their talents really shine through.

DLD College London BTEC Media Class