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Application Form Test

Which college(s) would you like to apply to?

SECTION 1 - Student Details

Format: DD/MM/YY

SECTION 2 - Parent/Legal Guardian details

SECTION 3 - Course and location selection

SECTION 4 - Subject selection GCSE and A-Levels courses

A subject selection guide is available on our website.

Please add your subject selections below (up to 8 for GCSE and 3 or 4 for A-Level) :

SECTION 5 - Education history

For visa purposes we must have a full history of your academic background. Please ensure any gaps in your education are fully explained on the application form or enclosed with supporting documents

Format: DD/MM/YY
Format: DD/MM/YY
Format: DD/MM/YY

SECTION 6 - English language proficiency

Format: DD/MM/YY

SECTION 7 - If you are a visa national please complete this section. If you are not, please go to section 8

SECTION 8 - Accommodation and Welfare

All students must live in accommodation approved by the College. This may be living in Student Boarding, with a Host Family or living with a Parent or Guardian. A Guardian must be approved and provide evidence that they are allowed to stay in the UK. Students 19 years old may choose to live independently

We collect the above information in order to be able to assess suitable care requirements and medical provision and need your consent to process this information where indicated.

SECTION 9 - Application checklist and declaration

Our admissions team will be in touch once the form is received. Please make sure the following documents are ready so we can process your application:

Certified copies of your academic transcripts

Evidence of your English language ability if applicable

A copy of your passport and previous UK visa (if applicable)


Format: DD/MM/YY

(Parent/Legal guardian) for students under 18

Format: DD/MM/YY